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How to check the ignition module

How to check the ignition module

Diagnosis of engine ignition modulemodern electronic fuel injection, can be carried out simply and quickly, if you have at least a little knowledge of basic concepts in electrical engineering and have a read of the lightest electric circuit skills.

This unit is responsible for all the basics of the engine, the ignition and when a fault which you can hardly uedite long.



Before the start of the ignition module diagnostics inThe engine control system, you must make sure that other vehicle of the system are in working order. Once you have seen exactly the fault of ignition, it is necessary to remove the installation of the ignition module and check the status of its key elements.


When working with ignition module must be graduallyDisconnect the negative wire from the battery, making a pre-marked on it, and then disconnect the power cable of the total coil mechanism.


Then you need to turn all fixing bolts and screws, thus having carried out the removal of the ignition module housing.


Then, with the engine off,disconnect the entire assembly module of ignition and measure with an instrument, the resistance between the main terminals of its connector. Then you need to compare the results of your measurements with the general requirements in the specification.


If your car is seen a sharp declineindicators, this indicates the presence of your device malfunctions associated with the short-circuit. Once you install continuity wire can break to check the secondary circuit of the engine and has measured the resistance between the terminals of the external ignition.


According to the measurement results, it is necessary to conclude the state of the insulation in the system and if the fault is found in the coil, its mechanism must be replaced.


Field as all operations for Regulationignition module are met, you need to perform the installation in reverse order, starting from and ending with the fixing bolts tightening the screws on the housing plug.


The most important thing to follow the correct connection of all electrical wiring circuit, because an error when connecting directly leads to faults in the ignition module.

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