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How to check the ignition module


How to check the ignition module</a>

Diagnosis of the ignition module for engines withModern electronic injection, can be carried out simply and quickly if you have at least a small knowledge of the basic concepts of electrical engineering and have the skills to read the lightest electrical circuits.

This device is responsible for all the basics of the engine, and if the ignition is malfunctioning, you are unlikely to go anywhere for long.



Before starting the diagnosis of the ignition moduleThe engine control system, you need to make sure that other systems of the car are in good order. After you have accurately verified the malfunction of the ignition, you need to remove the installation of the ignition module and check the status of its main elements.


When working with the ignition module, it is necessary smoothlyDisconnect the negative terminal of the wire from the battery, after marking it on the battery, and then disconnect the wiring from the common coil mechanism.


Then it is necessary to unscrew all fixing bolts and screws, thereby having carried out removal of the case of the module of ignition.


Then, when the car's engine is off,Disconnect the entire ignition module assembly and measure with the instrument the resistance between the main terminals of its connector. After that, you need to compare the results of your measurements with the general requirements in the specification.


If you notice a sharp decrease in your carIndicators, this indicates that there are problems in your device related to the short circuit. Once you establish the continuity of the wires, you can step into the secondary circuit check of the motor and already measure the resistance between the external ignition terminals.


According to the results of measurements, it is necessary to make a conclusion about the state of isolation in the system, and if a fault is found in the coil, its mechanism must be replaced.


The field of how all operations are regulatedThe ignition module is made, the installation must be carried out in the reverse order, starting from the fixing bolts and ending with the tightening of the screws on the ignition case.


The most important thing is to monitor the correct connection of the entire circuit wiring, because the error in the connection immediately leads to malfunctions in the ignition module.

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