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How to test a washing machine in a washing machine


To check the heater, it is enough to look into the drum.</a>

Judging by the advertising, the scum formed on the TEN washing machine, can become almost a national disaster. However, there is no reason to return to washing manually.

With proper use and care of the washing unit, provided there is a good choice at the stage of purchase, it will last you for many years.

You will need

  • Flashlight.



The heater is a heating element that convertsElectric energy into thermal energy. If it breaks, the water in the washing machine can not heat up. Check the failure of the heater is for preventive purposes, and if the machine is out of order.


In case of serious damage, it is better to call a specialist. Before he arrives, you can inspect the heating element yourself to have some idea of ​​the breakdown. Moreover, it is easy to do at home.


Washing machines are arranged in such a way that the heating elementCan be seen through the drum. It's best to do this in the dark. Take the flashlight and light it through the drum. Look at the side of the heating element. Slowly rotate the drum, while you look as though through it on the heater. You should see if there is a scum on it. This operation is sufficient to determine the presence of scale.


All other operations for cleaning the TEN or its replacement, trust the specialist, since there is a danger of damaging the machine.

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