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How to check the heating element in a washing machine

To check the heater, just look at the drum.

Judging by the commercials, the scum that forms on the PETN washing machine can become almost a national disaster. However, a reason to go back to washing by hand is not.

With proper use and care of the washing machine, provided a good selection at the stage of purchase, it will serve you for many years.

You will need

  • Flashlight.



TAN - a heating element, which convertselectrical energy into heat. If it is damaged in the washing machine water can not be heated. Check fault PETN should as a preventive measure, and if the machine is out of order.


If serious damage is better to call a specialist. Prior to its arrival, you can themselves examine the heating element to already have some idea of ​​the damage. Moreover, it is simple to make at home.


Washing machines are arranged in such a manner that the heaterIt can be seen through the drum. This is best done in the dark. Take a flashlight and shine it through the drum. See which side is the heating element. Slowly rotate the drum at the same time look as if through his heater. You should see if there is a scum on it. This operation is enough to determine the presence of scale.


All other operations for cleaning or replacement of PETN Trust the experts, because there is danger of damage to the machine.

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