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How to check the grinding valves

How to check the grinding valves

The comfort and safety of use of the vehicle depends on the extent of its gas distribution mechanism is working properly.

An important role is played by the inlet and outletValves that should fit snugly as possible to their saddles, located on the cylinder head. The valves must be completely sealed.

Only under these conditions in the combustion chamber will create the pressure required for normal operation.

You will need

  • - A set of flat schupov-
  • - Special pattern or locksmith wide lineyka-
  • - Paste pritirki-
  • - Device for grinding valves.



To check the grinding flaps,Remove the cylinder head (cylinder head) and then purge it and bearing housings, which often accumulates soot and dirt. Also remove deposits of oil, and with a wire brush, clean the carbon deposits from the walls of the combustion chambers.


Inspect the cylinder head and the bearing housing tomake sure there are no cracks. Also check the camshafts, planting holes hydropushers and bearing housings for signs of metal covering. Note how tightly the guide and valve seat sitting in the cylinder head. Make sure that there are no traces of their displacement when the working gas distribution mechanism. Check the valves and their seats in the absence of traces of burning and cracking.


Using special template, check the flatness of the cylinder head. If this template is not available, use a broad line of locksmith and check the bottom of the head gasket plane.


To check the flatness, attach a lineto the plane of the head. Make sure that between its edge and the plane no gaps. Inspect the entire plane, because the gaps may be in its middle and at the edges. The gap should not be more than 0.01 mm. If it is more than this value, the head gasket plane milled or need to be replaced. Change the cylinder head is necessary, along with the bearing housing.


Also check the head for leaks. To do this, close the coolant supply to the thermostat window from the end surface of the head, then cut out of a piece of rubber gasket and place it under the thermostat fitting. After that, turn the cylinder head and refill kerosene all internal cavities designed for coolant.


The valves also need to check the tightness. Make it easy. To do this, place the cylinder head on a flat surface so that it was on top of the gasket face. Then fill in the combustion chamber kerosene and wait a few minutes. Reducing the level of kerosene in one of the chambers means that one or both leaky valve.


Check cylinder head for leaks. If a leak or shells found on the mating plane of the head, it can be repaired using only cold welding. If desired, it can be replaced.

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