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How to check the generator at home

Check auto generator

To check the generator multimeter will need at home.

Independently, you can check the belt tension, charging relays, bridge rectifier, stator, bearings and brushes.

Sometimes there is a question before a motoristcheck the generator of your car. It is very important time to prevent and eliminate possible malfunctions that may result in a failure of the battery and the engine start-up problems. The ideal option would be to entrust this work to a specialist, but if this is not possible, you can check the generator and the most at home, the main thing - to have available multimeter.

How to check the generator without removing from car

; In this case, you can check the generator and the relaycharging. It is necessary to connect the meter to the battery and measure the voltage in different modes in the condition of the working engine. To do this, you need to load electrics: turn on / off lights, press on the gas pedal, turn on the stove, and so on. If experimenting in this way, it can be seen that the voltage remains within 14-14,2 V, we can safely say that the generator and the charging relay okay. If there are jumps of more than 0,5-1 Volta - there are faults.

How else can you test generator

; First, check the belt tension: sometimes the whole thing in his weakening. Disassembled the generator at home, it's worth checking the rotor. To do this, you need to know what the contact resistance between the stator rings. If these measures do not exceed 5-10 ohms, all right, if this figure is higher - perhaps somewhere there was a break in the windings. Next, using a multimeter is necessary to check the breakdown of each ring to ground. If the resistance between the rotor and each ring is - that of the breakdown can not speak, if it is not - there is a breakdown. With such a generator repair damage at home is not possible.
; Check a diode bridge. As is well known, it includes 6 diodes - three positive and three negative. It is necessary to disconnect all leads from the plates with diodes and conduct the test: attach the probes to the terminals of the diode, and then repeat the experiment by swapping them. In one position, to be audible beep and the other not. If a squeak is heard in both directions, it is a diode of a hole, then, will have to change. But it's hard to do without enough experience, so you'll have to change the entire diode plate.
; Stator need to examine carefully - noburning and winding damage should not be. When you need to ring coil multimeter. Regarding the bearings, then nothing should interfere with the free rotation: there should be no noise and backlash. Brushes should act by the edges only 5 mm. Scola, seizing and backlash are excluded. If there is even any deviation - it is better to replace.

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