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How to check the gas meter


How to check the gas meter</a>

Verification and repair of gas metering devices is carried out by specialized services that have all the necessary equipment for carrying out this kind of work and license.

The readings of counters that have not passed the verification are considered invalid.

You will need

  • - passport for gas meter
  • - Loupe
  • - technical documentation



Check with the gas service that servicesYour home construction, the frequency of mandatory verification of meters. As a rule, for rotary models of gas meters it is performed once in five years, for membrane analogs less often - every eight years.


Look at the date of the last calibration of the gas meter. It should be indicated in the passport to the meter. Year and quarter can be identified and stamped on the seal, using a magnifying glass. In the event that the allotted time for this expires, notify the gas service of the need for verification of the meter. This is necessary, since only the representatives of authorized bodies can open the seal. In case verification is initiated by district gas supply units, they must notify the subscriber about this in writing in a week.


After you have made an application to the districtA branch of gorgaz or received an appropriate notification from this department, its employees must open the seal from the meter, dismantle the counter and draw up an act. The meter itself is passed to the consumer for verification. The procedure of verification and repair (if there is such a need) the subscriber pays for himself.


Provide an act issued by the metrologicalService, which carried out verification, in the gas service. Within two days after the submission of the document, its representatives must install the gas meter in its place and seal it. Services for dismantling and installation of meters are carried out at the expense of the state, i.e. Are provided to subscribers free of charge.

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