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How to check the founder

How to check the founder

Check who is a member of the founding ofor an enterprise, you can use an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Entities), which contains information including about the founders.

The official statement from the register may be obtained from any tax office after the filing of the request and the presentation of the payment receipt of state duty.

You will need

  • - Data on the enterprise to which you want to extract from the register (name, legal address, TIN, BIN) -
  • - A request for vypiski-
  • - Receipt of payment gosposhliny-
  • - Passport and a power of attorney in his name (the second is necessary if the extract will receive an authorized person).



Make a request to the tax office withindicating its number, your information (name or company name, address of residence or registered address, VAT number, if BIN), a request for discharge and the company to which it is required (name, legal address, TIN, BIN). Sign the document and assure his seal, if any.


Pay the state fee for granting discharge. Its size in 2011 was 400 p. Payment details can be found on the website Federal Tax Service of Russia for their region, to find out the tax office or a branch of Sberbank.


If you donate and receive documents will employeeyour company does not have the right to represent her without a warrant, make a warrant to him and reassure her seal and signature. This he must present along with your passport at the time of documents and obtaining statements. If you make a request on behalf of an individual, or is entitled to represent the company without power of attorney and do everything themselves, enough of your passport.


Hand over the documents to the tax office and in due time (1 to 5 days) will get the result. All information about Member will be in the appropriate section of the extract.

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