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How to know the number of the engine


Find the number on the engine is not so easy</a>

The problem is finding out the engine number is facingMotorists in several cases: the car is bought abroad, the auto inspector requires you to find the number on the engine to check it with the documents when checking the car for cleanliness when buying. The engine number is listed in the documents, so you need to know where and how to look for it on the engine itself.

You will need

  • A car with an engine,
  • Documents on the car,
  • cleaners,
  • flashlight



The first and easiest way to find out the numberEngine of your car - look in the documents. In the certificate of registration of the vehicle, it must be indicated. If there is no certificate of registration of the car, refer to the vehicle's passport. In the TCP, the engine number must also be specified.


If the engine number is not found in the certificate ofRegistration, or in the vehicle's passport - it is necessary to look for a plate with the number on the engine itself, opening the hood of your car. Usually the nameplate is under the dipstick.
Often this plate hides a thick layer of dirt. Clean it, or ask a specially trained person about it. Such specialists usually have a lot of traffic police departments. They are ready to provide their services for a very tolerable amount (100 - 200 rubles.)


If the table does not appear in the usual place,It is necessary to find the manual that went with the car. If you took a used car without instructions, then the necessary documents can not be found on the Internet. There will necessarily be written where to find the plate with the cherished number of the engine of the car.

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