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How do I know the engine number

Find the engine number is not so easy

The problem is to find out the engine room rises beforemotorists in several cases: cars sold abroad, traffic inspector needs to find room on the drive to verify his documents, when the vehicle is on the verifying the purity of the engine pokupke.Nomer specified in the documents, so it is necessary to know where and how to look for it on the engine.

You will need

  • The car with the engine,
  • documents for the car,
  • cleaners,
  • flashlight



The first and easiest way to find a roomthe engine of the car - see the documents. The vehicle registration certificate shall be indicated. If there is no certificate of registration of the vehicle, refer to the passport of the vehicle. The PTS also engine number must be specified.


If the engine number is not in certificateregistration of any vehicle passport - is necessary to look for a sign with a number on the engine, open the hood of your car. Usually plate is located under the oil level dipstick.
Often, this plate hides a thick layer of mud. Clean off it, or ask a trained person. Such professionals usually have a lot of traffic police departments. They are ready to provide their services for quite a decent amount (100 - 200 p.)


If the plate was not in its usual place,you need to look for manual that came with the car. If you take a used car without instructions, the necessary documents will not be difficult to find on the Internet. There is bound to be written, where to find a sign with the coveted car engine number.

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