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How to find out the driver's license number

How to find out the driver's license number</a>

The driver's license grants the right of its holder to drive the vehicle. Currently, Russia is granted rights in accordance with the European standard.

The certificate is made in the form of a plastic card (54 × 86 mm). The photo of the owner is on the left, and on the right is his data.

Namely: Authorized number, number and series of certificates, name, patronymic name, place of residence, date and place of birth, signature of the owner, date of issue and expiry date, stamp issued by the department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, special notes.



If you are planning, traveling to another country, to travel on a leased or your own car, determine in advance whether your driver's license will be valid in a particular country.


You can get at the GIBDD officeInternational driving license. To do this, prepare the same documents as for obtaining a national driver's license, and a valid driving license. Retake of exams when obtaining international rights is not required. International driving licenses are issued for 3 years, but this period should not exceed the expiration date of the national driving license. They are valid only if you have a national driving license.


IDL are designed according to the International StandardUN conventions and compiled in eight languages. They are presented in the form of a booklet (148 x 105 mm), consisting of 8 white and 4 color pages and a cover of gray color. IDL lists the same data as national laws and specifies the country in which you were born.


Directly on the pages is a list of countries in which the condition for driving a vehicle is the availability of an international driver's license.


All data is stored in the database of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, and if necessary, you can contact the appropriate department for information, in case of loss, theft, destruction, etc. of your identity card.

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