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How do you know the number of the car paint

How do you know the car paint room

Taking the car repairs, car owners have to tint some damaged parts of the body. In this case it is necessary that the paint was the same color as that of the whole body.

But how to find out the number of the ink not everyone knows.

You will need

  • For the selection of paint you will need:
  • -car-
  • -avtoservis-
  • OFFICIAL diler-
  • -tehpasport.



Firstly, the number paints You can find information on special sticker, which is located near the driver's door. Among other information, it is listed and the number paints, Which is painted car body. But there is a hint not everywhere. Therefore it is necessary to know the number motorists in other ways.


In some machines the color information paints located under the hood car. If it is not there, or the machine is already "aged" (ie, the original color already fading), will help the computer selection required paints. Next to receive the result, you can go to the professionals, and they are correct it for transfusion and align with the overall color of the body.


Part of motorists going the other way and lookingguides to their car brands. And they have found the information about how to paint colored body. By the way, for car owners, who bought the car in the company's cabin, there is an option to find out the color paints exactly there.

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