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How to check the balance on another issue

How to check the balance on another issue

Customers wishing to check the balance of the account of another, may at any time to take advantage of the special service.

Make it possible thanks to existing numbers or services provided by the operator of communication (eg, the "Beeline", "Megaphone" or "MTS").



All subscribers to operator & nbsp- «Beeline" forcheck the balance of the other person's need to use the subscription service number & nbsp- + 79033888696. Calling it will be free (when in your home network). Through this number you can get advice from the voice of the operator or by an answerphone. If necessary, further information customers can visit the official website & nbsp- «Beeline».


The service is of the same characteristics, but with a differentname exists in the company & nbsp- «MegaFon». True "Balance close" allows you to learn about the remainder on the account you just know the subscribers (in the name of the service is fully reflects its essence). Therefore, balance check will be possible only after the other party has given its permission to carry out this operation. Otherwise, that is, without the consent of the operator is unable to provide any data. Needless to consent, by the way, should be sent to the free service number 000006 in the form of SMS messages. It is required to enter the + sign. Get the necessary information about the account user can through a USSD-request & nbsp- * 100 * # 926HHHHHHH.


Check the account of another person mayCompany subscriber & nbsp- «MTS». To do this he will have to use the service under the name & nbsp- «The balance of the other party" (it operates around the clock). Its easy enough to activate the system using & nbsp- «Mobile Portal." Just type in your mobile number USSD-command & nbsp- * 111 * 2137 # and press the call button. However, the portal is not only a self-service system that can help customers & nbsp- «MTS». In addition it also exists & nbsp- «Internet Assistant", and & nbsp- «Mobile Assistant". In order to enter into each of them, you must call to phone number 111. Checking someone else's balance possible through sending SMS. The text of the message must contain the code 237.

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