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How to check balance on another's room


How to check balance on another's room</a>

Users who wish to check the balance of another personal account can use a special service at any time.

To do this it is possible due to existing numbers or services provided by the communication operator (for example, "Beeline", "Megafon" or "MTS").



To all subscribers of the operator of communication & nbsp- "Beeline" forChecking the balance of another person you need to use the subscriber service number & nbsp- + 79033888696. The call to it will be free (when in the home network). By this number you can get voice recommendations from the operator himself or from the autoinformer. If necessary, subscribers can find more detailed information on the official site & nbsp- "Beeline".


Service of the same property, but with anotherName exists in the company & nbsp- "Megaphone". True "Balance of relatives" allows you to find out about the balance of funds on the account of only the subscribers you know (the name of the service completely reflects its essence). Therefore, the balance check will be possible only after the other subscriber gives his permission to carry out this operation. Otherwise, that is without consent, the operator will not be able to provide any data. The consent itself, by the way, should be sent to the free service number 000006 in the form of a text message. In it, please specify the + sign. To obtain the necessary information about the account, the subscriber can, thanks to the USSD request & nbsp- * 100 * 926ХХХХХХХ #.


Check the personal account of another person can andSubscriber of the company & nbsp- "MTS". To do this, he will have to use the service called & nbsp- "Balance of another subscriber" (it operates around the clock). It is quite easy to activate it using the & nbsp- "Mobile portal" system. Simply dial the USSD command number & nbsp- * 111 * 2137 # on your mobile phone and then press the call button. However, the portal is not the only self-service system that can help subscribers & nbsp- "MTS". In addition to it, there is also an "Internet Assistant", and "Mobile Assistant". In order to enter each of them, you need to dial 111. Checking the balance of others is possible through the sending of SMS. The text of the message should contain the code 237.

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