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punctuation marks

Do you make up your business documents, whether you're writing a letter to family or friends, you and your intelligence will give the contents of the document and the correctness of his writing, in particular, punctuation.

To say that is not true posed comma can radically change the meaning of the phrase, I think, not worth it, but about how to check punctuation, let's talk.



Stipulate that any, even the most advanced program will not be able to check the text punctuation better person (familiar with all the rules of punctuation, of course).


Well, if we take into account the machine, the firstoption, of course, is Microsoft Office Word itself. Word Processors Word 97 and Word 7 make it possible to carry out checks punctuation and writing style. To do this, click the Service, hereinafter - the "Grammar". You can also include the function of grammar checks directly in the dialog box "Parameters", for it simply select the desired profile.


Click "Settings", and here you can alreadyask the grammatical rules, according to which the inspection will be carried out. If there is a need to check the entire text, set the cursor to the beginning of the text and click the command "Grammar".

If you need to check only a single fragment, then highlight a piece of text command "Edit", "Select All" and then also shows, click "Grammar".


In addition to word processing, the InternetYou can find a lot of programs that promise to check the text for punctuation errors. Such programs have the ability to check the alignment of punctuation marks not only Russian, but also in many other languages.


In conclusion, once again we note that while the personIt failed to invent a machine that would be able to arrange punctuation better than the man himself. Indeed, in the same sentence, there are several variants of punctuation marks, everything depends on the meaning which carries a particular statement, and determine that meaning only by intelligent beings.

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