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How to check the punctuation


punctuation marks</a>

Whether you make business documents, write letters to family or friends, you and your intellect will give out the content of the document and the correctness of its writing, in particular, punctuation.

To say that an incorrectly placed comma can fundamentally change the meaning of the phrase, I think, it is not worth it, but let's talk about how to check the punctuation.



We will make a reservation that no, even the most advanced program will be able to check the text for punctuation better than the person (who is familiar with all punctuation rules, naturally).


Well, if you take into account the machine, the firstOption, of course, will be the Microsoft Office Word itself. Word processors Word 97 and Word 7 allow you to check the punctuation and style of presentation. To do this, click on the Tools command, then click on "Grammar". You can also enable the grammar check functions directly in the "Options" dialog box, simply select the section you need.


Click the "Settings" button, and now you canSet those grammatical rules, according to which the check will be carried out. If there is a need to check the entire text, then place the cursor at the beginning of the text and click on the "Grammar" command.

If you want to check only a single fragment, select the desired piece of text with Edit, Select All, and then click Grammar.


In addition to the word processor, the InternetYou can find a lot of programs that promise to check the text for punctuation errors. Similar programs have the ability to check the arrangement of punctuation marks not only in Russian, but also in many other languages.


In conclusion, let us note once again that while manIt was not possible to invent a machine that could place punctuation marks better than the person himself. After all, in the same sentence there are several variants of punctuation marks, everything depends on the meaning that this or that statement bears, and only a rational being can determine this meaning.

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