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How to check my statement

How to check my statement

If you have any questions about the services the mobile operator, the subscriber can always contact the customer support, call the appropriate phone number.

The call is free, and the number may be different for each service provider.

You will need

  • Cell phone, computer, internet access.



Refine your number operator Cellular can in several ways. Thus, as a first method, it is possible to note number print on plastic case SIM card. This case is available to the subscriber at registration of the telephone number. Note that it is also shown other numbers, which to some extent can be useful for the owner of the phone.


If it is not at your fingertips such a case, you can find support number on your cell operator in the following way. We say generally, because everyone has it operator Cellular has its own ways. Thus, the necessary room for you, you can find in the contact section (characteristic of cell operator MTS). To do this, click the corresponding section and select the required number (usually these rooms are located at the beginning of the contacts list and are named accordingly). If you do not find the information you need in this section, you can update your number operatorBy opening the "Applications" section. At the bottom of this section you will find the application on the operator cellular communication, which has been on your phoneestablished when you connect a SIM card. Using the navigation system of this application, you can either immediately call to Call-center you find the necessary room for you operator.


In addition to all of the above methods, you can obtain information about the telephone number of your customer service operator, Visit his official web site. On the page of the site you can easily find the desired number.

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