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How to check mobile phone virus

How to check mobile phone virus

The development of mobile technologies has led to the appearance of viruses for mobile phones, smartphones and communicators.

To protect your device from virus attacks, perform a system scan.



Mobile phones have specializedoperating systems such as: Windows Mobile, Android, etc. For OS data hackers create malware to perform acts of espionage, theft of your data, writing off funds from your balance. To help protect your mobile phone, you can purchase from a retailer licensed software, for example, Spy Monitor Light for Symbian and Windows Mobile or the Kaspersky Mobile Security 9. They protect the mobile phone operating system from being stolen SMS messages, decommissioning funds, and also carry out function "Parental control and preventing ingress of malicious files from the Internet.


Install antivirus software on your mobile phone, launch it. It will automatically be upgraded anti-virus database.


Go in the program menu. Select the "Anti-Virus and click" Full scan of the mobile device. Activate the function "Anti-thief and a" Call & SMS Filter for full protection.


If the cell phone does not have a fulloperating system, check it for viruses using the antivirus that is installed on your PC. Connect your mobile phone via the DATA-cable to the PC. It will automatically detect the device and a connection is established. Reboot your computer's operating system to connect come into effect.


Go to "My Computer. In the "Devices with Removable Storage, select a label with the name of your mobile device. Right-click on this icon. Click on the link "Check Antivirus. After the scan is complete, click "Disinfect all.


Safely remove your phone from the computer.

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