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How to check if there is an allergy to dog hair

How to check if there is an allergy to dog hair

As is known, each dog carries a potential risk of allergic reactions.

Sadly, if a family member who lives in the house for many years.

But you can take a chance and try to eliminate allergens, more carefully caring for four-legged friend.

You will need

  • - general blood analysis,
  • - Skin tests,
  • - Radioallergosorbent test.



It is important to know what are the causative agents of allergydead animal skin cells found on the greasy wool and flaky skin. Moreover, allergens may be present in dog urine and saliva. The primary cause of allergic reaction is a hypersensitivity to the human immune system to these specific substances. To determine if there is an allergy to dog hair, first of all, you must know what are the symptoms of its manifestations. Typically, symptoms of this disease are watery eyes, nasal congestion, dry cough and a feeling of lack of air. In more serious cases can develop dangerous complications, life-threatening, - angioedema and anaphylactic shock.


However, when the first signs of allergy are notyou need to jump to conclusions. First, you can try more carefully take care of the dog, clean it frequently and regularly wash bedding habitat animal chlorinated water. During the test you need to check the bulk of the time in the "forbidden" zone, which never, under any circumstances, could not get into the dog. If the allergy symptoms do not stop, you will likely have to find a new animal shelter.


Confirm alleged allergic reactionon the dog's hair can be when you visit an allergist. He will be able to give a more precise answer, appointing a skin test or blood test - radioallergosorbent test. However, it should be noted that a positive result can also cause pollen or mold, located on pet fur. Therefore, for further details doctor recommends some time to live in isolation from the dog. If confirmed allergy to dog hair, only a specialist can prescribe the correct and effective treatment. It usually consists in assigning allergy (antihistamine) drugs "Diphenhydramine" "Tavegil" "Suprastin" "loratadine" "Telfast". These tools block the chain reaction that leads to the manifestation of symptoms of the disease. In severe cases, apply decongestants and hormones.

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