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Spelling service from the company Yandex

Good practice in modern society is the ability to intelligently express their thoughts both orally and in writing.

With the proliferation of computer technology and electronic communication has become easier to check the spelling.



The easiest way - to take home, or find the nearest library on the Internet spelling dictionary and take advantage of it.


If you use a computer, to testWord program may come from the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Run it and select in the "File" menu, click "Create". Start typing. As you type the program will check your words and wrong will be highlighted in red underline by suggesting corrections via the context menu called by right-clicking.


To check the spelling, you can useInternet resources. Open your browser and enter in the address bar, type http://api.yandex.ru/speller, and then press Enter. Before you will see a spell checker page interface Yandex in a large text box. Enter or paste the previously copied an excerpt, and then click "Check text".


Similarly, you can use the service at http://soft-4-free.ru/speller/proverka-orfografii.html. Use resource multilingual spell checking "Advego" online service, which is located at http://advego.ru/text. Try Orangoo - alternative multilingual service. To do this, go to the page http://orangoo.com/spellcheck.


If you want to automatically correct misspelled words, this will help the services page http://perevodspell.ru/speller.php or service with enhanced functionality at http://prolingoffice.com/services/translate.


Take a look at this site and multi-resource testing literacy GRAMOTA.RU. Type in a browser's address http://gramota.ru and check the spelling of words.

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