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How to check the e-ticket

How to check the e-ticket

Ability to check the e-ticket depends on the direction of flight.

Tickets for Russia and the CIS can be checked in the national "Sirena" reservation system on international flights, and between foreign airports - worldwide AMADEUS system.

From the passenger is required to enter the order number and name.

You will need

  • - Order number (located on the itinerary receipt) -
  • - A computer with Internet access.



On the "Siren" system website click on the link "your order".

Before you open the field for the order number andnames. Order number contained in your itinerary receipt. Name also be administered in the same case as in this document. If the itinerary receipt she typed in capital letters, as you enter the large, only the first, and the other small, its system does not recognize.

On completion of data entry, click on the "Show Info".


To view the itinerary receipt, you need to enter your personal cabinet on the site where you purchased the ticket. Usually these documents are available in the section on customer orders ( "My orders" or another name).

From there you can copy the number itinerary receipt, copy it or print the document.


On the AMADEUS system search form main pageIt is in its upper part under the heading New trip. In the left field, enter the order number to the right - in Latin letters name exactly as it is recorded in the itinerary receipt and click on the arrow on the right.

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