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How to check a stroke


On each product there is a number officially registered and representing a label with black and white stripes.

Below them is a series of numbers.

This is the bar code of the product, which can tell a lot about the product, it can be easily checked.



Please note that the authenticity of the bar code Goods You can check in order to find out informationAbout the producing country of this product, whether there is a manufacturing company whose name is indicated on the striped label and whether this product has passed official registration. The most common codes are EAN-13 and UPC. The first contains 13 digits and is European, and the second one is used in the USA and Canada, it can count 12 numeric signs.


Please note that availability barcodeBut does not guarantee high quality Goods, It is only an identifier capable of attesting the authenticity of the name of the product of a certain manufacturer. Thanks barcodeY, or a unique product number, you can find out whether the original product is in your hands or fake. The bar code acts as an identifier, and its presence does not guarantee the quality Goods, But determines its authenticity, because Each product name of a particular manufacturer has its own unique number.


Please note that today there are special websites where you can check in seconds barcode In the real time mode. To do this, just enter the number in a special field, and you will get comprehensive information about the product. You can carry out on-line verification, for example, here http://www.tehreg.ru/scode.htm.


If you see on the product the inscription: "Made in England", and barcode At the same time, it does not correspond to the given country, notPanic. In fact, there may be objective reasons for this. For example, the manufacturer was registered in the country to which its products are exported. Or, perhaps, the product was manufactured at a subsidiary company. And, maybe, the license for the goods has been received in other country. Another reason may be several firms from different countries, who decided to form a concern.

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