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How to check your attention


How to check your attention</a>

There are specialized psychological tests for attention. They allow you to test individual attention characteristics, such as concentration, selectivity, stability, volume and switching.

Such tests objectively assess the quality of your attention.

You will need

  • Printed forms of the proof-reading sample, Schulte tables, stopwatch, assistant.



Check stability and concentration withUsing the proof-reading Bourdon test. Print the test form. Carefully read the instructions and ask the partner to mark the time on the stopwatch and give you a "devil" every minute. On this command, set the perpendicular line in the viewport and continue to work. At the end of the test, ask the partner to calculate the total number of scanned letters (P), the number of misspelled letters (P3), missed (P2), and correctly crossed out letters (P1). Count the concentration of attention according to the formula: K = (П1-П2-П3) / Пх100%. Verify the result with a scale:
•; very good - 81 -100%

•; good - 61 - 80%

•, medium - 41 - 60%

• Bad - 21 - 40%

•; very poor - 0 - 20%


Count and speed of work (working capacity)A = П / t, where t is the elapsed time. Thus, we can calculate both the total speed and the speed at each minute of the task. Having compiled charts, you can analyze the processes of fatigue and attention fluctuations. An increase in the number of errors at the end of the task, combined with a decrease in the speed of execution, indicates a decrease in attention, a decrease in efficiency, as a result of fatigue. The absence of errors indicates good handling and sufficient stability of attention, low exhaustion.


Check the stability of attention withMethodology Schulte. To do this, you need 5 printed tables with numbers from 1 to 25 and an assistant with a stopwatch. This technique does not require the calculation of formulas in the processing of results. After carefully reading the instructions, perform the task, asking the assistant to fix the execution time. As a result, you get 5 values, which can be drawn in a graph ("exhaustion curve").
Save the line graph at about the same levelOr moving it down (reducing the time spent on each subsequent table) speaks for steady attention. A jumplike graph or moving upwards speaks of the instability of attention and fatigue. A good workability will be said by the graph, the beginning of which is on a level with subsequent points, or even better than them. If the first table required more time than the rest, then you need more time to prepare for work.

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