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How to check account

There are specialized psychological tests for attention. These characteristics allow to check individual attention, such as concentration, selectivity, stability, and the volume change.

Such tests to objectively assess the quality of your attention.

You will need

  • Printed forms proofreading sample tables Schulte, a stopwatch, an assistant.



Check the stability and concentration withBourdon using proofreading test. Print the test. Read the instructions carefully and ask your partner a stopwatch to measure the time, and every minute you apply signal "hell." For this team, put in place a line perpendicular view and continue working. At the end of the test, ask a partner to count the total number of scanned letters (P), the number of mistakenly crossed out letters (P3), missed (P2), and correctly crossed out letters (P1). Count the concentration according to the formula: K = (P1-P2-P3) / Ph100%. Compare the result with the scale:
•; very good - 81 -100%

•; Good - 61 - 80%

•; average - 41 - 60%

•; bad - 21 - 40%

•; very poor - 0 - 20%


Count and speed (performance)A = n / t, where t - time spent. Thus, it is possible to calculate the total and the rate and speed for each minute of the job. Set up a schedule, you can analyze the processes of fatigue and attention hesitation. Increasing the number of errors at the end of the assignment, in conjunction with the execution speed decrease indicates a weakening of attention, decreased efficiency as a result of fatigue. The absence of errors indicates vrabatyvaemosti good and sufficient stability of attention, his small exhaustion.


Check the stability of attention by means ofSchulte techniques. To do this, you will need 5 printed tables with numbers from 1 to 25 and an assistant with a stopwatch. This technique does not require the calculation formulas for processing the results. After carefully reading the instructions to perform the task, ask the assistant to fix runtime. As a result, you will receive 5 values ​​that can be issued in the form of a graph ( "curve exhaustion").
Saving graphics line approximately at the same levelor movement it down (decrease the time spent on each following table) indicates steady attention. The abrupt same graph or moving up talking about the instability of attention and fatigue. On a good vrabatyvaemosti will talk schedule, the beginning of which is flush with the subsequent points, or even better than them. If the first table required more time than the others, and you need more time to prepare for work.

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