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How to check a hernia in the newborn puppy

How to check a hernia in the newborn puppy

Hernia - a very common disease in dogs, occurring at any age.

Puppies due to underdevelopment of the abdominal muscles is most common umbilical hernia, at least - groin.

This pathology can be congenital, and can be acquired at birth or within the first days of life.

How to determine a hernia?

Umbilical hernia - a protrusion of the Interiorbodies (most often the bowel or omentum) through an enlarged umbilical ring. Often the reason for its appearance becomes wrong childbirth, if the person who took the puppies, too much pulling on the cord or cut it too short, or the reckless actions of the mother, pulling the cord when you drag or licking a cub. The hernia may be visible already in the newborn puppies, and may appear several days after birth.
The appearance of hernias can also be caused by hereditary weakness in the tissue of the umbilical ring.
Carefully inspect the puppy belly. If the navel of the baby has a swelling in size from a few millimeters up to three or four centimeters, most likely, it is a hernia. Distinguish it from the tumor using the following method: Put the puppy on its back and swipe the abdomen hand. The tumor in this case will remain in place and will not be palpable hernia.

If you suspect a puppy hernia should be seen by a veterinarian - a doctor determine whether there is a need for surgical treatment.

If the swelling on the abdomen around the visible swelling,inflammation, skin flushed, her touch is clearly causing discomfort puppy, or it may indicate that the developing strangulated hernia, or that swelling is a sign of another disease. Usually hernia causes no pain and does not interfere with the normal animal life.

How to treat a hernia in puppies?

Small hernias often do not require treatment andclose themselves when the puppy reaches the age of about six months. Sometimes the owners are trying to cure a hernia in his young pupils using coins attached to the ring of hernia patch. Such manipulations should be conducted only with the permission of the veterinarian - the effectiveness of folk remedies is often exaggerated, replace surgical treatment, they are not capable.
More modern techniques to accelerateclosure of the umbilical ring - it's all kinds of bandages and pressure bandage specifically designed for puppies suffering from hernia, abdominal massage. Mandatory medical supervision - if the hernia does not close itself, or will begin to increase, conservative treatment will not be able to do.

A veterinarian can also be used to cure a hernia alcohol injection. Thus in certain areas of the hernial rings is introduced ethyl alcohol, causing inflammation and overgrowing ring.

Large hernias need to take in order to avoid their infringement. Usually they operate on six-month puppies, but recently hernia often sutured and 9-10-week-old baby.
For the prevention of hernia, especiallyif there is a risk of hereditary weakness of the umbilical ring and the abdominal muscles in puppies should be handled carefully and with the kids. You can not raise them at the front or rear legs, do not let puppies too early to get up on their feet, to catch up, relying front paws on the ledge of the box or the box in which they are located.

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