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Chechen Republic: Past and Present

Chechen Republic

In the south of Russia, in the mountains of the northern Caucasus, inbank of the Terek River is the edge with a long history and culture, the land where has its own customs and traditions, the land where men and women are valued modest strong in spirit - is Chechen Republic. It's hard to believe that not long ago the war was here.

Now the republic, under the leadership of President Ramzan Kadyrov, is rapidly restored, develops and prospers.

The capital of the Chechen Republic - city ​​Grozniy.

formidableAlmost completely destroyed during the war,virtually risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Now the city is considered the pearl of the North Caucasus - a clean, beautiful, modern. The old streets and houses renovated, giving the town a special comfort. Many new buildings - skyscrapers, business - centers, office buildings, residential buildings. Construction does not stop for a single day. It opens a lot of new schools and universities. The roads in Grozny excellent quality. As clean and well-groomed Terrible more like a European city. There are many cafes, bars and restaurants - something for every taste and wealth. Everywhere you very well served and very tasty fed.

The main attraction of the city is Mosque "Heart of Chechnya" Akhmat Kadyrov. It is considered one of the biggest in Europe and in the world. The opening of the mosque took place in 2008.

Mosque "Heart of Chechnya

Located a mosque in the city center, on the banksSunzha river, stretches around the picturesque park (14 hectares) with fountains, walkways and seating areas. Mosque "Heart of Chechnya" is part of the Islamic complex, where, in addition to it, there is the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Chechnya and the Russian Islamic University. To build a mosque in the classical Ottoman style. It has a three-level lighting. The central hall of the mosque is crowned by a huge dome height of over 30 meters and a diameter of 16 meters. Around the main building 4 minarets. The height of each - 63 meters. Both inside and outside the mosque marble. Capacity of the mosque more than 10 thousand people. The same number of people can pray in the summer and in the gallery space, which are adjacent to the mosque. Art and refinement of the interior decoration of the mosque can not be put into words - tried the best artists from Turkey. The beauty and majesty of the mosque exactly to explain the name - "Heart of Chechnya".

night Heart of Chechnya

Just behind the mosque is "Grozny City" - Complex of seven high-rise buildings. It housed residences, a hotel, a business center, restaurants.

Grozny City

In 2010, in the city memorial complex was opened"Walk of Fame" - It is dedicated to all the soldiers - heroes. The opening was timed to the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The complex has Museum of A. Kadyrov - The first President of the Republic, the monument dedicated Movlid Visaitov - The hero of the Soviet Union, a monument to the hero of Chechnya - Matash Mazaeva. There is also a tank since the Great Patriotic War, stands proudly on the podium. Also in the "Walk of Fame" can be seen more than 40 reliefs created by the famous sculptor.

Walk of Fame in Grozny

In Grozny, there are many parks and gardens in which to relax and love to the residents and guests of the city. One of such places -"Square journalists". It was opened in 2007 and is dedicated to the memory of the dead journalists. The park has planted more than 500 trees, a lot of bushes and, of course, flowers. At the entrance to the park, you will see a stele with an inscription "The journalists who died for the freedom of speech" and hours-a bed. On the main avenue comfortable benches on the left and right sides of the avenue are located outdoor cafes.

Square journalists, Grozny

And this is only a small part of what you can tell about Grozny. Just take a walk around town, feel the atmosphere, will surprise and delight at how quickly and successfully developing city.

In addition to their cities Chechen Republic attracts the beauty of its nature. Among the natural attractions advise to visit:

  • Argun and Argun Gorge Reserve.

Argun reserve

  • Andean mountain range and Lake Kezenoi - Am.

Andean ridge

  • Argun and Gekhi waterfalls.

Argun waterfalls

  • Vedeno, Shali and Shatoi reserves.

Vedeno reserve

  • The rivers Terek and Sunzha.

river Terek

  • Tebulosmta Mountain (4493 m), Diklosmta (4285 m), the count (4262 m), Donosmta (4174 m) and Maistismta (4082 m).

Chechnya's mountains

From historical sites in the Chechen Republic, you can see:

  • Derskaya watchtower.

The oldest tower of the Chechen Republic, miracleextant. It was built in the XII century, as a martial construction. The tower height of about 23 meters, the upper tier served as an observation post, it offers excellent views of the mountain gorge. Within the reconstruction was carried out of the tower.

Derskaya tower

  • Ushkaloyskie watchtowers.

Construction of the towers dates back Xl ​​-Xll century. The tower at the narrowest point of the Argun gorge. Four-storey towers, 12 meters high. There are three versions of the appointment Ushkaloyskih towers: the first - the towers were built, such as military and served to protect the road, the second - the towers were customs, stood on the border areas and they charge a fee for the transfer. The third version - before there was a tradition to build the tower, and it served as a kind of indicator of nobility. Unfortunately, up to now, have not been preserved in its original form of a tower. They are now fully restored.

Ushkaloyskie tower

  • The ancient town of Hoi An.

The name of the ancient city of Hoi An can be translated as"The settlement of guards." It is believed that the settlement more than 1000 years. Earlier this place was a fortress. Located on the edge of the ancient city of the mountain depths, far below, at the bottom of the gorge, mountain river Ansalta. Earlier, on the opposite side of the gorge, too, it was a watchtower, but unfortunately just left her there's nothing left.

Hoi city

  • The ancient city of Choi - Pede.

Among the high mountains, on a cliff locatedthe famous city of the dead - Tsoi-Pede, in translation "The settlement of the deity." City of the Dead - this is one of the largest cemeteries of the Caucasus. The exact date of the burial structure is not known, about the V century and to XVll burial took place here. In the city of the dead area has two towers and 42 crypt.

Tsoi-Pede city

This is not all natural and historicalObjects of the Chechen Republic. By visiting this region, you will discover many new and interesting for yourself. Can you better learn this proud and hospitable people, you hear a lot of legends, try the delicious local cuisine, and even impressions of breathtaking natural beauty you long enough!

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