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Of course, everyone knows that the easiest way to buy a certificate in the near kiosk? Rospechat ?. But not always, what we want is sold.

In such cases it is necessary to create a certificatethe most we can get help from our crazy hands and a little imagination. If you have a high literacy, and you are confident computer user, it is possible to master the Photoshop program.

For those who can not afford to understand the movement of the layers, or simply do not have time, you can create a similar document in Word.

You will need

  • A computer
  • The printer (preferably color)
  • A paper-4



Open the Word document to Start? programs ? Microsoft Word.


On the toolbar, set the format: Format? Subject. Determine the main theme of the document. For example, the theme "Summer" will display a bright yellow background fades into a dull shade.


Create the main document titles for this pre-selecting the toolbar style, font, and font number.


Determine the center of the document with headerthe largest number of font, you can also use italic letters (toolbar). For example,? Are awarded ?. Next, select a smaller font number surname, first name and patronymic. After that, specify the reason (for example, for hard work). The content of ratification, choose to your taste.


The resulting document can be placed in the frame, this toolbar choose Format toolbar? Framework.


It remains to send a document to print. Click on the File toolbar? Print or simultaneously use the Ctrl + P keys.

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