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How to draw a letter


How to draw a letter</a>

Naturally, everyone understands that the easiest way is to buy a letter in the nearest kiosk? Роспечать ?. But not always, what we want is for sale.

In such cases it is necessary to create a charterMost, our crazy pens and a little imagination will come to our aid. If you have high literacy, and you are a confident computer user, then you can master the photoshop program.

For those who can not understand the movement of layers, or simply do not have time, a similar document can be created in Word.

You will need

  • A computer
  • Printer (preferably color)
  • Paper A-4



Open the Word document through Start? programs ? Microsoft Word.


On the toolbar, set the format: Format? Subject. Define the main theme of the document. For example, the theme "Summer" will display a bright yellow background smoothly turning into a dull tint.


Create the main document headers by selecting the style, font and font number on the toolbar.


Define the title of the document in the center withThe largest font number, you can also use the italic letters (toolbar). For example,? AWARE ?. Next, with a smaller font number, specify the last name, first name, middle name. After that, indicate the reason (for example, for conscientious work). Content of the charter, choose to your taste.


The received document can be placed in a frame, for this purpose on the toolbar we select Format? Framework.


It remains to send the document to the press. Select File from the toolbar? Print, or use the Ctrl + P buttons at the same time.

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