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Charging the battery: how to cope with the problem

Charging the battery: how to cope with the problem

Surely, one of the readers of this articleencountered such a situation, when an urgent need to go anywhere, just 5 minutes, but coming up to the car, you see that the lights burned all night, and the battery may not have enough for the trip.

To prevent this from happening? should charge the battery more often.

You will need

  • - Automatic charger
  • - electrolyte



Of course, this is an unfortunate case, and somebody already fall into this trap of the discharged battery.

When charging the car battery should beborne in mind that, most likely, we need the electrolyte, as he tends to evaporate. Buy electrolyte can be in any auto shop. Sometimes they even sell in the stores business machinery and equipment. Electrolyte - a 50% sulfuric acid solution.

Before charging the battery does not hurt to checkthe electrolyte level and top up to the desired mark, if necessary. Also, do not forget to unscrew all the plugs from the battery cover, because evaporation will occur during charging.

Note the current that you set atcharge. It is necessary to set the value equal to 1/10 of your battery capacity. For example, you have a battery with a 50 amp / hour, therefore, you need to put on the ammeter value of 5 units.


This is the principle of chargingcar battery. Exhibiting value and put on charge. As soon as you notice that the ammeter needle goes to the left, closer to zero, it means that charging is taking its course and is performed correctly. Decrease arrows to zero ammeter caused increasing resistance in the battery due to charging.

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