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CHARGES for a picnic: the brazier alternatives

Fees for a picnic: the brazier alternatives

To opt for one of the gadgets that will be examined in the wording.

Barbecue - a box-roaster, where meat, fish and vegetables grilled on skewers. If instead equip the unit lattice, get barbecue.

And if you add to the brazier lid with holes for ventilation, it turns into a grill.

All different design and fuel type and appearance.

Folding gas BBQ powered by gascartridge propane-butane. One cartridge is enough for cooking 10 batches of kebabs. Such a device is easier to use than coal. Skewers come with manual and automatic rotation system. However, the meat cooked on the grill, still delicious. Charcoal barbecue works on charcoal. It has a heat-resistant enamel coating, which can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees. On the top and bottom caps have to allow to adjust the traction and the temperature inside, but because of the shape of the thermal effects on the products is from all sides. But you can use the device only in the street. Elektrogrile is connected to a power outlet. Porcelain enamel coated cast-iron cooking grate to ensure perfect uniform heating, has a strong self-cleaning heating coil, it has a removable drip tray for fat. But such a device is expensive, there are no sensor and timer. For products not stick to the grill, brush it with oil or fat. Experiment with marinades. In East Asia popular marinades based on dairy products. As a seasoning, add lemon, mint, ginger. If you like Chinese food, marinate the meat in a mixture of soy sauce, dry wine, garlic, pepper and honey. In Greece, the meat is soaked in a mixture of pomegranate juice and vodka.

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