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How to charge the smartphone from the carpet

Technological progress does not stand still.

Nowadays, what seemed like an unattainable dream yesterday, today becomes an everyday affair.

More recently, engineers at Boston UniversityPatents on the technology for the use of special fotovoltovyh flexible fibers that can produce electricity independently. Innovation can receive electrical impulses from the villi ordinary carpet in providing them exposure to certain physical power.
For example, specially optimized carpet fabric 20 with the size of 20 cm when walking on it will give one watt. For comparison, one iPhone for a full battery charge must be 5.5 Wh.
As you know, unusual nap carpetare hybrids of the two materials: fotovoltovogo receiving energy from the sun, and piezoelectric, generating electricity when walking. According to the head of research, this innovative fiber specially created for the replacement of alternative energy sources such as wind, water and sunlight.
Of course, it will have to take a long time, until the invention will go down in our lives, but we can already predict that with the advent of such carpets former Chargers sink into oblivion.

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