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How to charge a car battery charger

How to charge a car battery charger

Properly selected mode charging the battery current will provide its full charge of electricity.

A full battery charge is most relevant in the winter, make the engine run is not enough charged battery, it is sometimes very difficult during the cold season, and sometimes impossible.

You will need

  • The electric charger.



The modern market offers motoristsa variety of devices for recharging car batteries. Starting with simple and inexpensive devices, and ending with technologically sophisticated, multifunctional devices a high cost. Following the acquisition of the charger can only connect it to the battery, and the device included in the electric network.


Now it is necessary to properly set the levelvoltage and charging current strength. Is calculated using the formula: one-tenth of the battery capacity? served for batteries, and no more than one-third? for maintenance-free batteries. In other words, if you have to carry out battery charging capacity of 55 A / h, the maximum charging current is set no higher than 5.5 amperes, or more than 1.6 A for maintenance-free batteries.


It is necessary when the battery charge processstrictly follow the rule: Charge mode is set once. And further does not increase in spite of the fact that the pointer of the ammeter approach zero. The process of charging the battery lasts typically at least thirty six hours.

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