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Charge your tablet


Charge your tablet</a>

Tablet users often have questions related to charging. The fact is that many of these devices can not be charged from the USB ports of computers and laptops.

However, there are still several ways to cope with this problem.

In fact, when you connect to a USB port, thisTablet, such as iPad, charging will occur despite the fact that the device will report the opposite. However, it goes so slowly that it takes about 24 hours to fully charge the tablet. The fact is that a normal USB port gives a current of only about 0.5A, and some tablets require up to 1.2A.

So, how do I charge the tablet? First, you can try to connect the tablet to the computer, then the charging will go faster. However, this method is unlikely to be able to satisfy you, since it also falls far short of charging from the outlet.

Secondly, you can use the specialUSB-splitter, on one end of which there are 2 USB-ports. Both of these ports need to be connected to the computer, the other end of the splitter is connected to the tablet via a standard cord.

In addition, you can take helpSpecial programs that can redistribute the current in the computer's ports, for example Ai Charger or Gigabyte On / Off Charge. The last one automatically determines the type of the connected device, the required current and regulates the output voltage.

It should be noted that the tablet should be connected to the included computer or laptop, otherwise charging will not begin.

Here are just a few ways to chargeTablet from USB-port. If, in spite of this, there are problems with charging the tablet, then, most likely, there is any malfunction. The most common problem is associated with a charger, cable, tablet battery or with USB ports on the computer.

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