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How to charge the tablet

How to charge the tablet

In tablet users often have questions related to charging. The fact that many of these devices can not be charged from of USB-ports of computers and laptops.

But still there are several ways to deal with this problem.

In fact, when connected to USB-port of thetablet, such as iPad, charging will occur despite the fact that the device will report to the contrary. However, it goes so slowly that to fully charge the tablet may take up to a day. The fact that an ordinary USB-port amperage outputs only about 0.5A, and to require some plates 1,2a.

So, how to charge the tablet? First, you can try to connect to a computer tablet turned off, then the charge will be faster. However, this is hardly a way to be able to satisfy you as much as he does not reach the charging from the wall outlet.

Second, you can use specialUSB-splitter, which at one end has two USB-port. Both of these ports need to be connected to the computer and the other end of the splitter is connected to the tablet via a standard cable.

You can also take the help ofspecial programs, which can redistribute the current strength in the computer's ports, such as Ai Charger or Gigabyte On / Off Charge. The last of them will automatically detect the type of connected device, the required amperage and controls the output voltage.

It should be noted that the tablet must be connected to a running computer or a laptop, or charging will not start.

Here are a few ways to rechargetablet from the USB-ports. If, despite this, there are problems with charging the tablet, it is likely there is a fault. The most common problem is connected to the charger, cables, battery or tablet with a USB-port.

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