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How do I charge the purchase mascot

How do I charge the purchase mascot

Even the best talisman or amulet after purchase requires fine-tuning to the owner.

Carry out setting can be in different ways, however, you must first cleanse your mascot.

How to clean a mascot?

If you have bought a talisman in the esotericstore or astrological shop, it is very important to clean it. After all, he was lying on a shelf unknown amount of time, moreover, there is no guarantee that it will not try to set up the manufacturer or the store owner.
To clear any subject, it is necessary to hold it over a candle flame. It is desirable to visualize how a black negative energy burns in the fire.

Mascot not only a human protection, butIt can be used to accelerate the achievement of happiness and prosperity. A good mascot draws necessary for its owner's circumstances and situations. Charging and activating mascot require the participation of the forces of nature. To talisman worked well, it must be connected with the world.

Do not let the mascot of third parties, it will scatter his spell, will deprive energy.

How to charge the talisman?

Any mascot need to empower the forces of fourelements. You must collect these forces and the placed in an amulet. For best results, the mascot should be familiar with the elements gradually. It is advisable to observe a certain order.

Start standing with the forces of the Earth. To give them an object should be shallow bury it for a while. It is best to do it in nature to the surrounding space was clean, did not contain the anger and violence. For your purposes perfectly suited cottage, where the land is not only clean, but also their own, which is very important. Before you dig in, wrap the talisman in cotton or linen.
Next you need to charge the talisman of fire. Light the candle, hold it over the flame mascot, configure mentally request to this element to it to "revive" a talisman. To mascot filled with water power, hold it under clean running water. It would be the best source in nature.

Do not buy the amulets made of synthetic materials. Bone, wood, leather - all these materials are more suitable for high-quality mascot.

To the air lodged in your talismanhang it in the window opening to the air stream surrounded him from all sides. It is desirable that the talisman hung there in this state is not less than a day, so it is better to charge it during the warm season.

To complete charging mascot, spendsolar ritual. Put the thing in place that is exposed to direct sunlight. Let it will lie there as long as possible (but not more than the light of the day). Come to the talisman from time to time, direct the flow of energy to it. Keep your hands and visualize it as a sticky, thick and hot energy poured out of your hands into the talisman. When the sun disappears behind the horizon, take a talisman and put to complete the exercises.

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