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How to charge a purchased mascot


How to charge a purchased mascot</a>

Even the best mascot or amulet after purchase requires a fine adjustment on the owner.

You can carry out the setting in a variety of ways, however, you first need to clear your talisman.

How to clean a mascot?

If you bought a mascot in an esotericShop or astrological shop, it is very important to clean it. After all, he was lying on the shelf an unknown amount of time, besides, there are no guarantees that the manufacturer or the store owner did not try to adjust it himself.
To clean any object, you need to hold it above the flame of a candle. It is desirable to imagine how black negative energy burns in a fire.

The talisman not only serves to protect the person, butCan be used for the early achievement of happiness and well-being. A good talisman attracts the circumstances and situations necessary for its owner. Charging and activation of the talisman require the participation of natural forces. In order for the talisman to work well, it must be connected with the whole world.

Do not give the mascot to third parties, it will dispel his spell, will deprive the energy.

How to load a talisman?

Any talisman should be given the strength of fourElements. You must collect these forces and put them in an amulet. For the best result, the talisman needs to be introduced gradually to the elements. It is desirable to observe a certain order.

It begins with the forces of the Earth. To fill them with an object, it is necessary to bury it for a short time. It is best to do this in nature, so that the energy of the surrounding space is clean, does not contain malice and violence. For your purposes, the dacha is perfect, where the land is not only clean, but also its own, which is very important. Before burying, wrap the mascot in cotton or linen.
Then you need to load the talisman with fire. Kindle a candle, hold a talisman over its flame, form mentally a request to this element, so that it "revives" the talisman. To the talisman filled with energy of water, hold it under a stream of clean water. The best source is in nature.

Do not buy amulets from synthetic materials. Bone, wood, leather - all these materials are more suitable for a quality mascot.

To the air settled in your mascot,Hang it in the opening of the window, so that air jets surround it from all sides. It is desirable that the talisman hang in such a state for not less than a day, so it is better to charge it in the warm season.

To complete the charging of the mascot, swipeSolar ritual. Place the item in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight. Let it be there for as long as possible (but not more than a day's light). Approach the talisman from time to time, direct the flow of energy to it. Bring his palms to him and imagine how dense, dense and hot energy flows from your hands into a talisman. When the sun is hidden behind the horizon, take the talisman and put it on to complete the charge.

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