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How to charge the battery pack


How to charge the battery pack</a>

Rechargeable batteries are more expensive than conventional alkaline,But have a much greater energy intensity, so the time of work with them - a few hours, and even days. In addition, the batteries are configured for multiple recharging and reuse.

If properly handled, they will last very long.



Before charging fully discharge Battery. One way or another there will be little energy in it, but it is better to leave as little as possible, especially if it is new. Subsequently, it will take this energy level for "absolute zero".


Insert the batteries in the charger in accordance with the polarity: plus the plus side, minus the minus side. Insert the device into the network. Make sure that the power is not turned off.


Leave the batteries for the time indicated on the packageFrom them or from the charger. For batteries with an energy capacity of 2700, for example, this is 5 hours. Do not leave the charger in the mains for an entire night or all day, in particular with new batteries. Their energy intensity or productivity may decrease.


After the time has elapsed, remove the device from the mains and the batteries from the device. Insert it into the device and turn it on to check the success of the charging.

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