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How to charge the battery

How to charge the battery

Batteries are more expensive than conventional alkaline,but they have a much higher energy consumption, so the time to work with them - a few hours, or even days. In addition, batteries are configured for multiple recharge and reuse.

If handled properly they will last a very long time.



Before charging full discharge battery. Anyway it will be a bit of energy, but it is better to leave as little as possible, especially if it is new. Subsequently, it will take the energy level for the "absolute zero."


Insert the batteries in the charger in accordance with the polarity: plus toward the plus minus minus side. Insert the device into the network. Make sure that the electric current is not disconnected.


Leave the battery for the time specified on the packagefrom them or from the charger. Battery power consumption of 2700, for example, is 5 hours. Do not leave the charger in the electric system for the night or the whole day, in particular with new batteries. Their energy consumption or performance may be reduced.


When the timer expires, remove the device from the network and from the device battery. Plug in the device and turn it on to check the success of the charge.

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