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How do I charge the new battery

How do I charge the new battery

The new battery is similar to the new fleece jackets: as one at the first floor socks stretched and takes the shape of the body of the owner, so the other at the first charge gets the energy consumption, you ask her.



Immediately after the purchase, insert battery into the machine. Turn it on and turn off, until he sits down and turns off. If you charge a new battery is not fully discharged, a signal is completely discharged, it will be submitted at the level of the charge that you ask her today.


Insert battery a charger according to the polarity: positive to positive, negative to negative. Insert the device into the socket.


Leave the battery to fully charge, for a time,indicated on the packaging of batteries. Do not leave them on all day or overnight, or energy intensity. To remove the battery to fully charge, too, is impossible: the next time the battery charging current to pick up the same level of incomplete.


Discharge and Charge battery in the same manner several times to completely empty first, and then to the brim. After this "stretch" power consumption of the battery due to the volume, and it will be possible to enjoy fully.

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