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How to charge a new battery


How to charge a new battery</a>

The new battery looks like a new knitted sweater: As one at the first day of the socks stretches and takes the form of the body of its owner, so the other at the first charge gets the energy intensity that you ask it.



Immediately after purchase, insert Battery In the apparatus. Turn it on and do not turn it off until it sits down and turns off. If you charge a new one Battery Not fully discharged, it will give a signal about the complete discharge at the level of charge that you ask it now.


Insert Battery In the charger in accordance with the polarity: plus to plus, minus to minus. Plug the device into a power outlet.


Leave the batteries until fully charged, for a while,Specified on the package of batteries. Do not leave them for the whole day or all night, otherwise the energy intensity will decrease. It is also impossible to remove the batteries until they are fully charged: the next time the battery is charged, the battery will pick up the current to the same incomplete level.


Discharge and charge Battery In the same way several times: first to complete devastation, then to the brim. After that, the energy capacity of the battery "stretches" to the proper volume, and it can be used fully.

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