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How to charge money in Kyivstar

How to charge money in Kyivstar

So, you bought a mobile phone and choose the mobile operator whose services you would like to use.

If you live in Ukraine may stop your choice on the operator "Kyivstar" - one of the largest and most famous in the country.

But before buying a sim card, it will be useful to know the practical aspects of the service this operator, for example, how you can recharge your phone.

You will need

  • - The phone number to which you want to transfer money-
  • - The amount of money you wish to transfer to the phone counters
  • - Bank card.



Before you update your account, check it outbalance. This can be done in various ways. From your mobile, type the command * 111 # and press "Call". You will receive a message about the balance. With someone else's phone, you can find out the amount of money in the account if you connect the service "Trustee" in the number of your choice. The cost of checking the balance from another room - 0.05 hryvnia for 2011.


Find out what type of account you have - prepaid or contract. It is required to you when you pay.


If you want to replenish your account with cash,get the payment terminal and make money by following the instructions on the screen. You can also deposit cash through a bank branch, if there is a service "comfortable amount." Fill out a special form to replenish the account and transfer money with the cashier.


Another way - buy a card to make a deposit in one of the salons of honeycomb connection. To activate the card, simply dial the code * 123 * phone number # and press call.


With the help of Visa or MasterCard credit card refill your account on the website "Kyivstar". This can also be done by phone, calling the number 999. Call this number free of charge for account replenishment fee is not charged.


By bank transfer account can be replenished,specifying the payment details of the cellular operator on the phone 466. You will also need to include your phone number and the personal account number that is specified in the contract with the mobile operator. Transfer of funds may take up to 3 business days.


After depositing funds to a phone number, check the balance once again in order to learn, enrolled agent or not.

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