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How to Charge a frog

How to Charge a frog

Species chargers lot. Charger called? Frog? It is used to recharge the phone battery. ?Frog? simple and easy to use, has no wires.

Included in the socket with a voltage of 220 volts.

To charge the phone's battery using this charger need to perform a few simple steps.



Turn off the phone and remove the battery.


Click on the charger? Frog? on the clothespin. The device opens.


Insert the battery into the device so that would match two terminals. If the charger are four terminals, you need to use two which are located in the side.


Press the TE key (left). If the LED lights up in green CON? It means you are connected correctly. If not, check the connection of terminals.


If you are making sure that everything is connectedcorrectly CON LED does not light, it is possible that the battery is completely discharged. In this case, the battery charger supply network for five minutes. After five minutes, check whether the CON indicator lights. If so, then everything is fine. If it still does not glow, check the presence of voltage in the network and the integrity of the charger.


Turn on the network. Should light up or flash in CH indicator.


The battery is charged when the charger indicator lights left FUL.

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