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How to charge a frozen battery


How to charge a frozen battery</a>

For correct operation of the battery, it must be periodically charged. In summer, this should be done already with the loss of half the charge, and in winter - at a quarter.

This is explained by the large loads on the battery in the cold season, which are associated with start-up and heating.



To charge the battery, open theHood and make sure that the engine is off. After that, disconnect the wires from the battery and remove it from the engine compartment. Put the frozen battery in a warm room, which can be a garage or your own apartment.


Wait for all the ice to melt. After that, inspect the battery case for cracks and deformations. In the presence of defects, refrain from charging and replace the device, because cracks in the housing can lead to electrolyte leakage, which is unacceptable.


After the battery has warmed up, checkThe level of its electrolyte. If necessary, add a sufficient amount of distilled water. Turn out the stoppers of the filler necks, and then cover them with holes. This procedure will prevent electrolyte sprays and allow the removal of gas vapors formed during charging.


Connect the battery to the charger,Carefully making sure that the polarity of the two instruments coincides. Then turn on the device and watch the indicators. When charging with DC, periodically check the battery temperature by touch. When increasing it above + 55 ° C, immediately stop the process.


The charge indicator of a battery is the processAbundant gas separation and steady-state values ​​of voltage and density of electrolyte. After carrying out the charging, which for a battery with a capacity of 50 Ah, is about 5 hours, unplug the charger and leave the battery for a while to let the gases come out from inside. After that, disconnect the wires and fit the plugs into their seats. Check the battery charge and place it in its normal place in the engine compartment of the car.

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