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Changes in the conditions of the employment contract

Changing the terms of the employment contract

In the course of work may be necessary to make changes to the labor contract.

Such changes may relate to the different conditions of the contract and be caused by different reasons.

On the issue of procedures for amending theemployment contract specialists' opinions were divided. Some believe that such changes in the employment contract as an employee name or address of the employer shall be made by analogy with the changes in the workbook, ie directly in the original text of the treaty. Other experts believe that is necessary to conclude an additional agreement to the labor contract, specifying the alterations. At the same time, experience shows that both variants are acceptable.

With regard to these changes in the conditions of the contract as a transfer to another job for the employee's request, they are making is allowed only by agreement of the parties.

From the employee must come a correspondinga statement specifying the reasons for and the nature of changes and the timing of their introduction. If the employer agrees with the proposed changes in the worker, the parties signed an additional agreement to the labor contract. If necessary, the employer shall issue the corresponding order, making employment records and personal employee card.

It is important to note that there are cases where an employer may not refuse the worker to satisfy the request to change the conditions of the employment contract (Art. 93 of the Labour Code).

In cases when the initiator changes inthe contract serves the employer, he should issue an appropriate order. On the basis of such an order is sent to the employee a proposal to change the previously agreed in the employment contract conditions. If the employee does not agree to the changes proposed by the employer, employment conditions remain the same.

Unilaterally change the employment contractthe employer may, at the change of organizational or technological working conditions (Art. 74 of the Labour Code). List of organizational and technological working conditions as set out in the law, no. These include, for example, the introduction of various forms of work organization, change management structure, modes of work and rest, a change in pay systems, the introduction of new technologies, improvement of jobs and so on. D.

In cases of unilateral changes in the conditions of the employment contract by the employer is necessary to observe warning procedure under the Labour Code.

If the employee agrees to transfer the vacantposition, the employer is necessary to conclude an additional agreement to issue a transfer order, make employment records and personal card. Otherwise, the employment contract is terminated in accordance with clause. 7 h. 1 tbsp. 77 of the Labour Code. When dismissing an employee under this head shall be paid an allowance equal to two weeks' pay.

Changing the place of work an additional agreement. If you change the name of the position and the amendments made in the work book and personal employee card.

By changing the term of the employment contract repeatedly,it should be remembered that it can become a permanent if changes are made after the expiration of the contract and the total duration of the contract exceeds five years.

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