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How to change your password on a laptop

How to change your password on a laptop

If you want to protect your personal computer from unauthorized access another user, you first of all, you need to put a password.

It does not take much time and will help protect important information for you.

How to put a password on the computer?



"Start" button in the Go menu. Then select "Control Panel", and in it - "Accounts". If you are the only user of the computer, that you have administrator rights, ie, unlimited power, so to change the password in terms of access to the system will be a trifling matter. Look at the user's logon settings in the system. If the item about "Use the Welcome Page" is checked, uncheck it. This will increase the security level of your notebook.


In the list of accounts, select the user,on account of which you want to change your password. Select it. Locate the "Change Password" link. a window will appear before you. At the prompt, enter the new password and confirm it in the row below. It is necessary that you enter the wrong password, which are themselves subsequently not be able to use. To initially remember the password on a laptop, store it in any accessible only place for you.


Use the command prompt to change the password. To do this, enter the "Start" menu button. Then click on the option "Run". Command Prompt will appear. Enter it in cmd and press Enter. You will see other command prompt.


To change the password on a laptop, enter into itthe following: net user username password. This is just an example. This phrase should be adjusted. Instead username, enter the user name instead of password - password. Then press the Enter key. If you did everything correctly, you should see the inscription in the line: "The team is successful."


Use a third option to change the password onyour personal computer. Go to the "Start" button, click "Run". At the command prompt, type control userpasswords. Here is the account management window appears in which you will be able at its sole discretion to appoint any password to any user.

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