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My World - entertaining social network.

My World - a very interesting social networka wide range of possibilities to communicate: Here you can post pictures, write microblogging, embed links to interesting resources, share photos, listen to music, watch videos and chat with friends.

As in any other social network, My Worldfor safety reasons it is sometimes necessary to change your password to login. But, despite the very user-friendly interface, the developers have not thought convenient access to security and change the password settings.

And you can find it.

You will need

  • Internet access, a mailbox on mail.ru



Changing the password on the social network My world comes through the letterbox on mail.ru. Open mail.ru service in the browser.

Here is the main page service mail.ru.


"Mail" tab in Go. Log. Open the mailbox with all the letters. Right tab "Settings" Look for the top line.

Tab & quot-setting & quot- is located at the top right when you get to a page address.


Open the "Settings" tab by clicking on it with the mouse. find the line "Password and Security" in the left or the far right column. Enter this section by clicking on the said line.

Line & quot-Password and security & quot- is in the section & quot-setting & quot-.


A new page opens. On the other hand the word "Password" then click "Change password." In the middle of the screen will be a square box shape.

Here is the page & quot-Password and security & quot-.


In the window that appears, enter the old password, then 2 times enter the new password and the code from the image. Click on the word "Change".

In this window, there is a password change.


After a few seconds away from the tab"Setup" will appear green sign with a tick "Password changed." If your mailbox is connected mobile number to mobile sms come to change your password.

From service comes notification when a password is changed.

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