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How to change voice in Voice changer

How to change voice in Voice changer

Want to play a friend on the phone or make an anonymous call? Then you are free programs from Voice changer can not do.

The fact that this software was created specifically for voice changing beyond recognition.

You will need

  • - Personal computer with access to global networks-
  • - Telephone with voice mail.



Download the Internet full versionVoice changer and install it on your computer. After the installation immediately Give interface software classic look. To do this, click the Skins button, and then click Classic. Classic program easier to use: It is much faster, and in addition, more understandable for the user.


Go to the menu of programs from Voice changer settingsand in Common tab, raise the level of microphone sensitivity. Using bookmark Ignore filter, enter the name of the program, in which processed sound is transmitted without change. In Nickvoice rules tab, set the programs in which the sound will be modified.


To convert male voice PressNickvoices and select a tab For Male input voices, using a tab For Female input voices to work with a female voice. All the changes "included» On button, and "off" with the help of Off button.


This program can be used torecording phrases with altered voice answering machine in a file. To this end, go to the Recorder menu and go to its settings (this is the extreme right is a button). Then in the settings, specify the place where will be written the modified file, - Base folders, create and Name Template template. After that, in the Encoders tab, change the codec, double-clicking a computer mouse on the profile, and from the drop menu, by selecting the correct codec.

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