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How to change VAT in connection with the change of surname

How to change VAT in connection with the change of surname

Marriage, of course, the event is pleasant, and you can be congratulated with the change of status and names.

But names change entails and the need to replace some of the documents.

You will have to issue a new passport and a certificate of registration with the tax office, which was not given to you before the taxpayer identification number - TIN.

What INN

TIN - taxpayer identification number,He is assigned to all citizens-individuals who are payers of the personal income tax. Payers of this tax are, for example, and the person who received the property by donation or inheritance under the will, but not consisting in relationship to the testator or donor. Whatever it was, but if you got a TIN, it means that you at the hands of an official document has been issued, that includes your unique ID code before the wedding.
That document is the "Certificate ofthe registration of an individual with a tax authority in the territory of the Russian Federation. " Despite the fact that he assigned INN person only once and remains unchanged throughout his stay in the Russian territory, this certificate is issued on your mother's maiden name, so you will not change itself INN, but only this document.

What documents you need

There is a normative document regulatingthe process of replacing a certificate of registration in connection with the change of names, it's an order from the Ministry of Finance №114n 05.11.2009 In accordance with him to the territorial tax inspectorate at the place of their permanent residence, you must provide a package of documents, which includes:
- Application for the replacement of a certificate on Form 2-2, the accounting
- Passport or any other document proving your identity and confirming the place of permanent residence.
If you are not a resident of the Russian Federation and a foreigncitizen, but pay taxes on the territory of the Russian Federation, you further than a passport, you will need to provide a certificate of registration at the place of residence or temporary residence. According to the law, to obtain a certificate of registration, which is your new name, you can not later than 5 business days will be listed.
These documents to the tax authority, you canprovide personal and pass it on receipt, but you can, and send by mail by filling out as a valuable letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, the guide should not be the original documents and their certified copies.
You can also use the internet siteFederal Tax Service www.nalog.ru, to see "Applying an individual of registration" to leave the corresponding application. The certificate you will be decorated with the tax authorities in the prescribed manner, but it can get you only in person, presenting the originals of the necessary documents.

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