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How to change the wiring in the house

How to change the wiring in the house

Power consumption of modern homedevices is growing, at the same time increasing their number. There comes a time when the old wiring is no longer meet the necessary parameters, and it needs to be changed.

Make it pretty easy.

You will need

  • - A new section electrically necessary,
  • - Hammer with chisels and spoon-shaped peaks,
  • - Razvodochnye box
  • - Insulating tape,
  • - New switches and sockets (if necessary replacement of old switches and sockets)
  • - Dry putty mix.



Mark the wall of the house in places where it will betake a new wire. In places branching wires raschertite holes razvodochnye box. The same markup do in those places where there will be new sockets and switches. The wire must be laid in the wall horizontally or vertically.


Do not skimp on the length of the wire, putting him on theslant. In the future, when the place of passage of wires you've forgotten, it can be easily damaged, making holes in the wall for all sorts of hardware. If the wire is only in a vertical or horizontal position, its location is easy to determine, focusing on the position of switches, sockets and razvodochnyh boxes.


For the installation of new wiring choose hardthree-core wire in which a section of one core should be at least 2.5 square millimeters. The third strand in use as ground wire to connect it to an outlet (euro all modern sockets are standard protective earth).


With the help of punch for marking on the wallMake a well under razvodochnye boxes, sockets and switches. Then make a groove (Stroebe) in those places where they are connected to each other and where, accordingly, will be electrically.


Read the instructions on the packaging dryputty mixture. Prepare the filler by this instruction. Insert and secure with putty razvodochnye and planting boxes for sockets and switches. Place the wire in Stroebe, consolidating its putty every 60 cm in the joints and leave the end of the wire length of the free ends 7 -. 12 cm (twisting wires together, and also for connection of outlets and switches).


Wait until the plaster hardens. Connect the tape and insulate wires razvodochnyh boxes with each other, according to the scheme wiring. Install and connect the switches, sockets and lighting fixtures. Connect the new wiring for electricity meter is without power.

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