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How to change the windshield


How to change the windshield</a>

Adoption of the new technical regulations has madeIt is impossible to pass an annual technical inspection of vehicles that have any crack in the windshield. In this connection, any stone that accidentally got into the front windshield, and formed on its surface a crack or chip, causes considerable damage to the family budget associated with the purchase and installation of a new windshield in the car

You will need

  • - kapron cord? 3m,
  • - Grease Litol-24? 10 g,
  • - silicone sealant.



But if the motorist is not too lazy to spend 20-30Minutes of personal time, he will be able to save a significant amount of money intended for dismantling the old and installing the new glass purchased.


In fact, the above procedure, takes quite a bit of time from the car enthusiast. But without an assistant in this case can not do.


So, let's get started.

If the old windshield in the futureIs intended only for disposal, it is roughly squeezed out from inside the interior. Seated on a passenger seat, the impact of both legs of the glass is dismantled from its place.


After that, it removes the sealingRubber, grooves of which are designed for docking with glass and body, lubricated with silicone sealant. Sealant can not spare? The extra will be squashed. The lack of silicone will not be able to ensure a reliable sealing of the body from the penetration of atmospheric moisture into the interior of the car.


Sealant-proof seal is worn onA new windscreen, and in its groove, designed for docking with the body, laid Lytol oiled kapron cord, the ends of which are released at the bottom.


Together with an assistant glass with a sealantCentered on the body opening. Then the lower part of the rubber band is put on the metal rib, and the assistant on the outside holds the glass, pressing it with the palms of the hands simultaneously down and toward the body.


Moving to the salon, and making sure that the sealant? Sat down? On the edge of the body, without excessive haste, we remove the nylon cord, which was previously placed in the rubber band.


While one pulls the string, the other "plants"? Glass, periodically tapping it with the palms of his hands. The blows are applied from above? Down, as well as against the car's progress.


If everything is done correctly, then the sealant without any complications completely encircles the edge of the window opening of the body, which indicates the end of the procedure for installing the windshield.

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