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How to change the window sill

How to change the window sill

Typically, window sills are installed withwindows, and because of their separate installation - a rare phenomenon. But it happens that after alterations or repairs in the apartment need to replace unsuitable cover (usually on the wider).

In this case it is necessary to dismantle the old sill and, adjusting to the window, to install a new one.



Install a new window sill and can beindependently. First of all, decide with a choice of countertop material. Window sills made of PVC are the most popular, cheap, but usually they are installed in the office premises. In addition, they are quite unstable to mechanical stress and do not have the necessary environmental friendliness.


Window sills of chipboard and MDF are beautiful and durable. But any superficial scratch leads to swelling because These chipboard panels are not resistant to moisture. Stleshnitsy solid wood and artificial stone meet all the requirements, environmentally friendly, durable, durable and beautiful, however, such sills not everyone can afford.


Whichever you choose a window sill, installationIt will be made as follows. Hollow ends the old windowsill with the outer and inner sides with a chisel and hammer. Release it from the dried solution, and gently pull the blade out of the niche. Saw a new window sill of the workpiece accurately the size of the old one.


Get rid of the solution, debris and dust, residuesa heater in a niche under the window. If the height of the former is greater than the height of the sill new niche in podokonnoj cement screed must be made, which is then mounted new plate. If the height is the same seal the underframe profile window box with silicone sealant.


Put on a cement screed or attachingskid bars, installed countertop sill. If it is made of particleboard, MDF or solid wood, unsealed rear ends of silicon treated for moisture resistance.


Apply assembly foam between woodbars, set on her countertop. Zapente rear and side Stroebe. The Align window sill, install spacer load it according to the building level. Zapente below. Leave for a day for a full foam drying.

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