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How to change the window sill


How to change the window sill</a>

Typically, window sills are installed together withWindows, and therefore their separate installation - a rare phenomenon. But it happens that after redevelopment or repair work in the apartment you need to replace unsuitable coatings (most often, to wider ones).

In this case, you have to dismantle the old window sill and, adjusting to the window, install a new one.



You can install a new window sill andYourself. First of all, decide on the choice of worktop material. Windowsills made of PVC are the most popular, cheap, but usually they are installed in office premises. In addition, they are quite unstable to mechanical influences and do not have the necessary ecological compatibility.


Windowsills made of particleboard and MDF are beautiful and durable. But any shallow scratch leads to swelling, because These chipboards are not resistant to moisture. The tops of solid wood and artificial stone meet all the requirements, are environmentally friendly, durable, durable and beautiful, however, such windowsills are not affordable for everyone.


Whichever window sill you choose, its installationWill be made according to the following scheme. Slice the ends of the old window sill from the outer and inner sides with a chisel and a hammer. Release it from the dried solution and gently remove the canvas from the niche. Saw the new window sill from the workpiece exactly to the size of the old one.


Get rid of mortar, debris and dust, residuesHeater in the niche under the window. If the height of the former window sill was greater than the height of the new one, then in the window sill it is necessary to make a cement screed, on which a new slab will then be fastened. If the height is the same, seal the subframe of the window box with silicone sealant.


Put on cement screed or fixing pointLining bars, on which the table top of the windowsill will be installed. If it is made of chipboard, MDF or solid wood, the rear uncapped ends should be treated with silicone for moisture resistance.


Apply a mounting foam between the woodenSlats, set the countertop on it. Zapente rear and side shtroby. In accordance with the building level, level the window sill, install the spacer on it. Zapente from below. Leave on the day for complete drying of the mounting foam.

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