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How to change the bearing

How to change the bearing

Replacing Rear Wheel Bearing Kit for vehicles with front-wheel drive lineup WHA - the process time-consuming and complex.

Without special puller Master in this case can not do.

Although some of the "craftsmen" manage to carry out this work with a sledge hammer and improvised vykolotok.

You will need

  • A set of plumbing tools,
  • Universal puller for wheel bearing,
  • torque wrench,
  • metalwork vice,
  • wheel chocks,
  • jack.



First, you need to set the car ona flat surface. Then dismantle a screwdriver or a special shovel with a hub cap, which prevents penetration of sand and dust to the bearing assembly.
With the help of beard bend the edge of the nutthe bearing groove of the journal hub. And then bit her loosen. Slide the front-wheel drive vehicle stops, release the parking brake and engage reverse gear. After that two-three turns, remove the four bolts securing the wheel to the hub. Now, with the help of a jack post the rear of the machine, setting the beam onto a suitable support and remove the wheel.

Universal Puller for hub


Next, you need to dismantle the brake pads. Unscrew the nut completely Bearing Kit of fastening and remove the steel washer underneath. With the help of a stripper remove the wheel hub, then hold it in the bench screw and remove the retaining ring that fixes the bearing from the inside. Then a stripper remove the old bearing hub.

How to change the bearing


Disassemble the hub must be washed in kerosene or diesel fuel, strictly observing fire safety measures. Assemble in reverse order of disassembly:

- Pressed the new bearing,

- Set a lock ring,

- The hub is put on a pin,

- Inserted washer and the nut is screwed,

- Set brake pads,

- Mounted wheel.


Using the jack falls on carhard surface, and then a new nut is tightened the bearing hub with a force of 250 N / m, followed by punching its spigot in the recess, and fastening screws of the wheel to the hub. At the final stage is set cap.

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