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How will the water level change?


How will the water level change?</a>

Scientists warn humanity - due to global warming, which has already begun, the level of the world ocean will change.

And such changes do not promise the planet anything good.



The planet Earth has a huge supply of water -This is the continental and coastal ice of the Arctic and Antarctica. The ubiquitous increase in temperature is a danger that affects the ice - they begin to melt. Over the past hundred years, the water level in the world's oceans has grown by 10-20 centimeters. At first glance, it may seem that this is a trifle, but the process continues.


Scientists predict that during the 21st century waterWill rise another half a meter (pessimists predict that by 90 centimeters). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes that for several centuries this level will grow by four to six meters. The prospect of being flooded is threatened, first of all, by coastal countries and island states, such as the Netherlands, Great Britain, Bangladesh, Maldives, Tuvalu.


However, the water level in the ocean will not be constantgrow. A rise in temperature, as well as an increase in solar activity, will gradually lead to the fact that the planet will have a so-called greenhouse effect. The planet's stratosphere will contain an increased amount of water, but the oceans on Earth itself will simply disappear. There will be separate water basins, formed due to the fact that water will constantly come from the depths of the planet. On the poles periodically there will be downpours. However, most of the planet will turn into a waterless desert. Such a future is predicted by scientists of the Earth in 1,1-1, 2 billion years.


If people seriously take up the preservationEnvironment, the amount of nitrogen in the air will decrease, and the greenhouse effect will not come, the Earth is still waiting for a sad future with the desiccation of the world ocean, because the temperature of the Sun is steadily growing. However, this will happen only after 3-4 billion years. Scientists believe that a similar situation occurred on Venus - a neighbor of the Earth.

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