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How to change the video format

How to change a video file format

The existing variety of formats of video files to many users delivers only inconvenience: you can not view the video on your computer, the file does not read the video player.

The solution to these problems may be changing video format.



There are several ways in whichYou can change the format of the desired video file. The first method is to use a program for editing and video editing. The second method is a solution with an application-converter multimedia files.


Select one of the programs for editing andvideo editing. Standard Windows Movie Maker in most cases not suitable, since it can only save files in .wmv format. However, if this option suits you - just use this app.


Run the program selected for editingvideo. Import the video into it necessary. To do this, open the folder with the video, click the file, and then, without releasing the mouse button, drag the video window. Not all applications support this method to add files, so you can use the interface of the application. Select the "File" menu - & gt- «Open" (some editors will need to select "File" - & gt- «Import"). In the pop-locate the desired video file dialog box, select it and click "Open".


The selected video will open on the pasteboardprograms. Now you need to save it in the required format. For this purpose, select the "File" menu - & gt- «Save as" (some editors will need to select "File" - & gt- «Export"). In the dialog box, specify the save location and file name, and then click the drop-down menu of "Format" and select the one you want. Additionally specify compression settings. Click the "Save" button and wait.


Another way is to useConverter program. Start the appropriate application in the menu «File» - & gt- «Open" to select the desired video. In the settings, specify the desired format, the location to save the converted video, then press the start button. Wait until the process is complete.

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