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How to change the video card on your computer quickly and easily

Change the video card on your computer

Replacing a video card on a desktop computer - it's not complicated.

However, it is worth remembering that it can be built into the motherboard, and then replace it separately will not work.

Before you change the graphics card on the computer, determine whether it is part of the component.

Find documents on your computer and seewhat graphics card is installed in it. They vary in type connector - PCI-Express or AGP. This aspect is very important, as the graphics card with PCI-Express connector does not fit your computer, which was installed video card with AGP connector and vice versa.

In the event that there are no documents indescription of the video card, which means that it is built into the motherboard. To find out what is required for the replacement, see the model "mother" and the manufacturer's website get a list of graphics cards that are compatible with it.

Replace the old "vidyuhi" a new one. To do this, remove the side cover of the notebook (here may require a screwdriver) and locate the connector for the graphics card. Unscrew the screw and remove the old card. Secure in its place a new one with the help of a small screw.

noteBe careful when replacing the video card. In many computers, there is an additional attachment for these parts. Pulling out an old video card, do not use force, not to damage it.

Some graphics cards require connection to the blocksupply. To this end, there should be an additional connector. If your PSU it is not - if you buy a new graphics card say about this seller. He will select the "vidyuhi", which does not require additional power.

When the graphics card is installed, tighten the side wall of the computer and insert the CD ROM with drivers from the video card. It is sold in kit with her. Install the driver. All is ready!

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