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How to change the upholstery on a round stool

How to change the upholstery on a round stool

The ordinary-looking stool can update and embellish easy!

Change Case, make the new upholstery and thereby transform the old "wreck" in the "new" refined furniture.

You will need

  • Stool
  • upholstery fabric
  • foam rubber
  • Carnations or furniture stapler
  • A hammer
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine



First, measure the diameter of the seat. Drawing on a range of upholstery fabric the same size plus 1 cm at the seams. Cut. The same circle draw and cut out of the foam.


Place a foam on a chair. We measure the thickness of the seat with foam. Cut a strip of side equal to the thickness of the seat upholstery fabric, plus 2 cm at the seams plus 1 cm hem.


Sew the fabric circle and the side stripes with eachother. Between them, you can insert Rulik. Good stretch the resulting cover on the bottom of the stool and nailed nails or attach the furniture stapler.


If wooden stool legs have lost their form, they must be sanded with sandpaper and paint to cover first, and then - the paint.

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