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How to change the type of activity

Find a new job is never too late

You decide to change the occupation, but no doubthaunt - and suddenly in his new role will not be able to express themselves? Perhaps your profession, selected in early adolescence, has long ceased to bring joy and material reward and leaves much to be desired.

We show you how to change the type of activity, without risking to remain without a penny in his pocket.



Do not drop sharply usual occupation. First, it makes sense to find a source of income in case your new job will not immediately profitable. It is best as a fallback suitable part-time work in which you are well familiar.


Leave to find a new occupation for several hours a day. Decide exactly what I would like to do. To do this, you can take the test for career guidance or remember what you like as a child.


Think, should not turn a favorite hobby into a profession. If you are well-knit, cook or grow flowers, there are always people who will pay you for this job.


List all the skills that you possess. Assess your skills. But do not be too picky, remember that you have the right to make mistakes. Over time you will learn to more accurately determine the degree of professionalism in the chosen field.


Refer to a friend for advice and assessment of your skills. Sometimes it is better to surround ourselves viewYat our hidden talents.


Decide what you do bestis it a practice to gain confidence. Then find those who can be useful to your service. Make it convenient to the Internet, but also to inform friends will not be superfluous.


Do not be discouraged by setbacks. At first, find themselves in the new reality will be difficult. Be prepared for the fact that the first time will have to work for a very small fee or even for free. Agree on unpaid work, do not take the time lost. Think of these proposals as an opportunity to practice.


Do not tear the long-standing relationship with your colleagues,getting used to his new role. You might want to go back to the old job. The more you know, the more confident feel in the labor market. Try new, do not lose the old skill - and you will never be left without work.

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