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How to change the type of activity


Find a new job is never too late</a>

You decided to change your occupation, but no doubtGive peace - and suddenly in a new field will not be able to prove yourself? Perhaps your profession, chosen in the early youth, has long ceased to bring joy and material rewards and leaves much to be desired.

We will show you how to change the type of activity, without the risk of being left without a penny in your pocket.



Do not give up a habitual occupation. First, it makes sense to find a source of income, in case your new job is not immediately profitable. It is best to use as part of a spare part-time employment in a field that you are well acquainted with.


Leave to look for a new occupation a few hours a day. Decide what exactly I would like to do. To do this, you can pass a test for career guidance or remember what you were addicted to as a child.


Think about whether to turn your favorite hobby into a profession. If you perfectly knit, cook or grow flowers, there will always be people who will pay you for such work.


List all the skills that you own. Assess your skills. But do not be too picky, remember that you have the right to make a mistake. In time, you will learn to more accurately determine the degree of your professionalism in the chosen field.


Refer to friends for advice and assessment of your skills. Sometimes people around are better than ourselves viewYat our hiding talents.


Having decided what is best for youIt turns out, practice to gain confidence. Then find those who can use your services. It is most convenient to do this via the Internet, but it will not be superfluous to notify acquaintances.


Do not be discouraged by failure. At first it will be difficult to find yourself in a new business. Be prepared for the fact that at first you will have to work for a very small fee or even for free. Agree to gratuitous work, do not consider this time lost. Accept such suggestions as an opportunity to practice.


Do not tear the connection with your longtime colleagues,Having got used on a new field. You might want to go back to the old job. The more you know how, the more confident you feel in the labor market. Try a new one, do not lose the previous qualification - and you will never be left without business.

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