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How to change the torn bill

Think, perhaps, you have a situation where in a purse detected a torn bill.

And if earlier it could change onlyoffices of the Savings Bank and only after proper examination, this is now required to make all credit institutions, ie, commercial and state banks.



But this should not deceive ourselves. In some cases, an immediate exchange of torn notes you can refuse, for example, if it is very worn or the cashier there are doubts about its authenticity. In this situation, the bill will be torn to the examination and only after that will decide on the possibility of exchange.


Remember that you owe to the bank bill swapor hast taken her to the examination, if it is kept at least 55% of its area, ie, you can bring to the exchange is not the whole bill, but only part of it. If you are self-glued bill of several fragments belonging to the same bill, it also exchanged. But again, the conditions must be respected - one of the fragments must be at least 55% of the notes area.


You can convert any credit institutiontwo notes belonging to different notes of one naminala if each of them has at least 50% of the original area, and differs from other graphical representation. In other words, you exchange the bill, consisting of two halves of different banknotes.


In addition, you are required to be exchanged onlytorn bills, but also to change color and glow in ultraviolet light, but only if it's not banknotes, filled with coloring substances to prevent theft. As well as sharing in the vaults of credit institutions subject to the defective notes. These include paper money, the size of longer or shorter set of samples, as well as with punctures and other manufacturing defects.


In order to exchange the torn bill,refer to any bank, working with individuals. In return you will be given the tainted banknote new equal value. At the same time you can exchange an unlimited number of notes of any denomination. Bank commission for this service will be charged. When a commercial bank fails you in exchange, we can safely complain to the local office of the Central Bank.

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