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How to change a torn bill


How to change a torn bill</a>

Remember, probably, you had situations when a purse was found in your purse.

And if earlier it could be changed only inBranches of the Savings Bank and only after a proper examination, but now all credit institutions are obliged to do this; Commercial and state banks.



But you should not flatter yourself. In some cases, you can refuse immediate exchange of a torn bill, for example, if it is very worn out or if the cashier doubts its authenticity. In such a situation, a torn bill will be accepted for examination and only after it a decision on the possibility of exchange will be made.


Remember that you have to change the bill to the bankOr accept it for examination if it has retained at least 55% of its area, i. You can bring for exchange not a whole bill, but only a part of it. If you have yourself glued a bill from several fragments belonging to one banknote, then it will also be exchanged. But again, the conditions must be met - one of the fragments must be at least 55% of the area of ​​the bill.


You can exchange in any credit institutionTwo parts of a note belonging to different banknotes of one imprint, if each of them has not less than 50% of the original area and differs from the other graphic image. In other words, you will exchange a bill consisting of two halves of different banknotes.


In addition, you are required to exchange not onlyTorn bills, but also changed the color and glow in the ultraviolet light, but only if it's not banknotes filled with coloring substances to prevent theft. As well as the exchange at the box offices of credit institutions are subject to defective bills. These include paper money, the size is longer or shorter than the installed samples, as well as having punctures and other industrial defects.


In order to exchange a torn bill,Contact any bank that works with individuals. Instead of a damaged banknote, you will be given a new equal face value. At the same time you can exchange an unlimited number of notes of any denomination. Bank commission for such a service is not charged. If a commercial bank refuses to exchange you, you can safely file a complaint with the territorial branch of the Central Bank.

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