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How to change the thermal paste on the computer's processor

How to change the thermal paste on the computer's processor?

If the computer has more than one year continuously running thermal paste on the CPU may require replacement.

How to change it with his hands, and whether to do it?

If the thermal grease on the processor of the computertime "petrified", unless it is caused when assembling a PC, the computer may overheat and due to this off. In such a situation we will have to change the thermal paste. But can you do it with your hands or still entrust this operation a specialist?

To change the thermal paste on the computer's processorit is necessary to remove the cooler (fan) from the processor, clean the processor from the surface trace of the old thermal paste and apply a new one. Use the application to the processor a small drop of thermal paste (it is not necessary to remove the processor from the motherboard) evenly distributing it on the surface of the processor.


1. Do not apply a thick layer of thermal paste!

2. Apply thermopaste only on the portion of the processor to be in direct contact with the radiator of the cooling system.

3. For the distribution of thermal paste should not use cotton swabs. Better to take a plastic spatula.

4. In order to "grease" the processor should be used only special thermal paste, which can be purchased at most computer stores. Any other substances can disrupt your computer!

Any user should be aware that there areDifferent models of sockets (sockets to install the processor to the motherboard), including such coolers are installed at the beginning of the computer assembly. That is, if you remove the cooler from the motherboard, to reverse the installation will have to pull the motherboard out of the case (and for this purpose it will be necessary to remove all devices from the motherboard, disconnect it from the power supply, remove the connectors coming from the buttons and ports on the housing). For such socket models can safely recommend to not twist the cooler with the CPU alone, because they do not know the subtleties of the connection to the motherboard of different devices, you can make these connections is incorrect, that is to provoke a breakdown. Examples of such sockets: 775, 1155, 1150, 1156, 1366.

But there are sockets, installation of the cooler which is notrequires complete disassembly of the computer, hence the change of thermal paste will not be a very difficult task. Examples of such sockets 478, 754, 939, 940, AM2, AM3, FM1. On the side of the cooler installed in such socket, the latches are clearly visible, press releases to which the cooler holder and COOLING system is very easily removed from the processor.

How to change the thermal paste on the computer's processor?

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