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How to change the system disk


How to change the system disk</a>

If your system unit is installedMultiple hard disks, then you can configure mirrored volumes. In this case, the information will automatically be copied to the second hard disk, the so-called mirror.

Pros for this connection a lot. Most importantly - your information will always be duplicated on the second hard drive.

But, as always there are minuses, the amount of information on both hard disks will be equal to the volume of the smallest hard disk.

If one hard disk fails, additional settings will be needed to boot from the second disk.



First, go to the operating system as administrator. At the command prompt, type regedit.


Locate the HKLMSYSTEMMountedDevices key and allow full access to this key. Go to the Security - Permissions menu.


Find the drive letter that you want to change in the HKLMSYSTEMMountedDevices key. For example, "DosDevicesC:"


Now you need to change this code to any unused, for example "DosDevicesY:"


Next, find the second letter you want to change, for example "DosDevicesD:" and replace it with the one you want.


Then, selecting DosDevicesY:, replace it with "DosDevicesD:".


Now you can restart the computer

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