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How to change the steering rack on 2114

How to change the steering rack on 2114

Steering Malfunction direct impact on traffic safety, so you need time to identify and eliminate them - on their own or with the help of specialists.

Strangers knocking while driving on rough roads,disappearing in the turns, show a steering fault. If repair or adjustment of the steering rack VAZ-2114 is not possible, you will need to be replaced. Approximately how many it will cost depends on the amount of work - a new steering rack is about 3 thousand rubles, the cost of replacement -. 1 200 rubles.


To save on the cost of repairs and independently change the steering rack, you will need the following tools:
- Key 13, 17, 19
- Assembly lopatka-
- screwdriver-
- a hammer-
- Jack.

Replacing the steering rack

Car set on flat ground,Apply the parking brake lever and set the bars or special emphasis under the rear wheels. The front wheels should be directed towards a linear motion. Disconnect and remove the battery terminals.
Hang out the front of the car, put the stops under the vehicle and remove the wheels. Clean dirt and grease from the threaded mounting rack lubricant WD-40 to facilitate the loosening of nuts.
Inside the cabin you need to unscrew the bolt that secures thethe steering column intermediate shaft to the steering gear shaft. A large screwdriver or a spatula raskontrite mounting bolts securing the tie rod by tilting the ends of the locking plate. Remove the bolts and remove the tie rods.

After installation, the new rack must be sure Lock the bolts steering rod by bending the edges of the locking plate.

Remove the nut 4, two on each side, andRemove the mounting bracket with rubber steering pillows. From the steering shaft disconnect the steering gear shaft. Remove the rack through the slot in the niche of the right wheel.
Install a new mechanism in the reverse order. At the beginning of the installation need to make sure that the steering rack in the middle position. Tags on the crankcase engine and anther must match lyska on the gear shaft must be right.
To verify that the provisions can beshift rail in either direction until it stops, then make one full turn labels on the duster in the other direction, then combine this tag with the mark on the steering gear housing.

Be sure to check for correct wheel alignment after the completion of all installation work.

Installation angles made by experts in the computer stand, this operation must be run in order to avoid rapid tire wear.

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